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Wanted P-litter born 8.1.2016

1 male 2 females - all particolour

Enquiries welcome


Am & N & S Ch

Simbaline Keep on Walking


Int & Nord & Dk Ch

Wanted The Clarity

Pedigree HERE

We have hopes for some more litters early 2016

More info later!

Some previous litters

Puppies arrived 14.1.2014

3 males 1 female

Pedigree HERE

In age of 10 weeks

Wanted The Klarification - Bitch

Wanted The Kingmaker - male

Wanted The Kiterunner

Pedigree HERE

Wanted The Liontamer


N & S Ch

Mama Bianca Yankee Gambler


Int & N & S Ch

Wanted A Pair of Pants

Pedigree HERE


Wanted The Jubilation “Juba-Juba”(B) & Wanted The Jester “Neo”(D)



Int Nord Ch

Cossu’s Keanu Reeves


N & S Ch

Bitteliten Los Tres Tonos

Puppies 7 weeks


Cossu’s Queen Latifah

Cossu’s Quentin Tarantino

Pedigree HERE

All request are welcome.

We are looking for active & loving families, but please notice...

We do NOT sell any of our puppies or older dogs to kennel surroundings, but they have to be full family members! That's how they are raised and used to live.